L&S is like this too 

A quick and attentive not to say young company, which before becoming able to solve problems has learnt to “subdivide” them into simple elements.
It is able to analyse them in depth, without missing any part because its perspective is right.

Our work is marked by the presence of three fundamental components consisting in:

  • analytical capacity
  • competence and professionalism
  • ability to translate ideas and know-how into effective solutions

L&S provides a general contract service. This means that we carry out all kinds of architectural projects, meeting all of the client’s requirements with a “turnkey” approach.

The “turnkey” concept is based on the principle of relieving the client of their concerns, both management-related and otherwise, by supplying a single contact who deals with everything.

It takes in everything from the development of the initial idea (concept layout), to the architectural and systems planning, and on to the interior design.

We take care of:

  • Economically assessing the work.
  • Planning, managing and checking on work, as well as supporting it with project management methods and tools.
  • Completing all administrative paperwork and certificates for use.
  • Coordinating all of the service providers and suppliers in all fields (building work, systems, machines and furnishings).
  • Helping the client even after the project is complete and carrying out regular maintenance of the technological systems and furnishings.

Being both Planners and Producers at the same time, in other words General Contractors, allows us to ensure the quality of the service provided and offer a timely, targeted response to clients’ requirements.

born to grow 

L&S Group was founded in Eraclea in 1994 by William Lucchetta. He saw the potential of General Contracting, which was still largely unheard of in the Italian and international retail sector at the time, and he strongly guided the company’s development in this direction.

L&S Group has gathered together the best professionals in the trade and become a specialist creator of commercial premises. It provides turnkey services and the substantial experience as a general contractor that it has built up over the years means that it is highly reliable.

The group works all over Europe, offering services of a guaranteed high standard to clients who need to build or renovate stores.

L&S Group has around 50 members of specialist staff in different fields who can provide an all-round service, meaning that its customers are able to deal with a single contact for all of the stages in the working process (covering aspects such as construction, flooring, interior design and electrical and mechanical systems). It also has an after-sales service that can carry out maintenance work promptly throughout Italy and in other countries. Furthermore, L&S Group has an in-house technical department and a logistics unit that work actively alongside the designers and architecture firms involved and cater to the individual requirements of each project.

The motto “Born to grow” emphasizes the group’s desire to take on a constant stream of new professional challenges, due to its eagerness, experience and willingness to step up to the plate, which allow it to look to the future confidently.

Our company is located amid a large expanse of greenery with a modern, unconventional appearance. The grounds complement the natural surroundings and there are sports facilities to host company events.


high quality work 

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Over time, L&S Group has introduced the ISO 9001 quality system. It affects the entire in-house working process (design, installation and maintenance) because it complements the normal company procedures with an additional method of monitoring and checking the quality of the services provided to clients. The certificates are tools that enable us to strive to make continual improvements. The structured organization and dedicated indicators and processes allow performance to be assessed in tangible terms. The company also has Italian SOA OG1 Class 3, OG10 Class 2 and OS30 Class 4 certificates so that it can take part in public tenders and bidding processes.