Carbon neutral / ISO 14064 certificate

L&S group does not stop looking forward: aware of the importance of health starting from the environment that surrounds us, we have obtained the Carbon Neutrality 2020 Certification thanks to the continuous investments in the compensation of carbon emissions. Zero miles neutrality: we found in Valle Sacchetta and Sacchettina s.a.s. the ideal partner for sharing these fundamental values. A farm in the Venetian lagoon that places sustainability first in every activity, such as the cultivation of microalgae, which allows the biofixation of CO2. These photosynthetic plant organisms are able to feed on carbon dioxide, transforming it into oxygen in quantities greater than trees. A concrete action to convey responsibility and trust for everybody’s future.

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Cassa Edile Awards 2021

Even this year L&S GROUP has received the “Bollino Cassa Edile Awards”! His recognition testifies the continuous commitment of our company to properly respect law and obligations. L&S Group stands out again as a “virtuous” company, which guarantees a quality service thanks to strict procedures and a strong professional team.

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F-GAS certificate

To guarantee the professionalism and quality of services, L&S Group srl is also F-GAS certified for the installation, repair, maintenance and dismantling of equipment containing fluorinated greenhouse gases.


ISO 9001 certificate

This international certification attests the company efforts in a path of continuous evolution and improvement of its own qualitative standards. In this way, L&S Group srl srl proves itself as an avant-garde reality, constantly oriented towards progress and new challenges.


SOA certificate

The experience and skills acquired over the years have allowed L&S Group to obtain SOA Certification: the company is therefore recognized as technically and economically qualified to participate in tenders for the execution of public works.


Code of ethics

L&S GROUP is a continuously evolving company, which operates in different contexts at a national and international level. In order to clearly define the leading principles both inside and outside the company, L&S Group has developed a Code of Ethics, which illustrates the shared company procedures and values, in compliance with the current laws and regulations.
Approved by the Board of Directors of L&S Group srl on 10.10.2019


Quality policy

The company’s Quality Policy is focused on the pursuit of customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty and on full compliance with current regulations. Obtaining certification UNI EN ISO 9001 is a strategic factor of competitiveness and qualification on the market, which certifies the company's efforts in pursuing the continuous satisfaction of customers and partners.


Sustaninability report

L&S Group srl publishes its Sustainability Report with the aim of communicating its environmental, social and economic performances and the constant effort to improve them.