attention to Details

The main goal of our company is to ensure that we always complete projects on time, while showing maximum attention to detail throughout the working process. This means that we can give optimum quality in the construction cycle and guarantee that we will not go over budget.

general Contract

  • Preliminary analyses and feasibility studies.

  • Time and cost estimates.

  • Using its team of in-house professionals and its expert workforce to satisfy the needs of every single client.

  • Supporting clients and designers in the cost estimating process for big projects.

  • Using project management techniques to plan, run and supervise work.

  • Dealing with all of the administration procedures and the certificates of conformity and correct installation.

  • Coordinating the purveyors of goods and services to the client.

  • Assistance following completion of the work and maintenance services (covering everything from electrical systems, air conditioning, technological equipment and furnishings to refitting for aesthetic/practical purposes).


real estate 360°

L&S Group is specialized in constructing new buildings, restructuring and refurbishing housing, industrial and real estates. It is able to satisfy any architectural need, covering the whole Italian territory, from public housing to building recovery, from building structures and prefab industrial plants to complex and refine luxury residence.

Thanks to the experience of various masteries in multiple areas, to the technical knowledge of specialized technicians and to a proved General Contract service, L&S Group grants the respect of deadlines and costs, preserving the client from any problem it may arise during the intervention.

a look at the well-being

Style, comfort, quality of life, energy saving and durability. Already for a long time L&S Group builds estates in energy class B and A, with the attention to create unique spaces and emotional where the people can pass happily the few moments of relax of the daylife.

The design of green areas, the study of functional areas and the realization of new architectural concepts are the challenges that L&S Group tackles everyday, making the main objective the delivery of an optimus finished product, giving the maximum importance to every single detail and respecting the delivery dates defined.

quality finishes

L&S Group is born in sign of quality and modernity: indeed, it gives the maximum importance to architectural quality through a continuos research of most advanced technologies, luxurious finishes and materials as adapt as possible to the work to be executes, following the most favourable productive cycle and taking into consideration only the real costs.

The company policy of L&S Group imposes to the choice of the every material, to the building techniques and to finishes a value to the space the we live daily; what surrounds an home shall be synonymous of warranty over time for what concerns the mainteneance, limited to the minimum, and what concerns the luxury that makes an investment that on a long period increase the value of the estate.